Firewood now available from woodeez tree service in rochester ny

Firewood Rochester, NY

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Woodeez strives to supply our customers with the best possible firewood and service. We have been tree experts in the Rochester community for more than a dozen years, so it only made sense when we expanded our service to include firewood. We want you to have good wood. Whether it’s a load of mixed hard and soft woods for your chimney, or simply hardwood to keep your furnace aflame for hours on end, Woodeez Tree Service has the right supply to meet your needs.

All of our firewood is split and stacked into lengths the perfect size for a standard fireplace or wood stove. It is aged and seasoned, to remove the moisture. We get our product from local sources, which could include anything from cherry, oak, maple, beech or hickory. Additionally, we also offer delivery to your home. A delivery fee may apply depending on your location. Not sure what you’re looking for? Call Woodeez Tree Service today for a free estimate. Contact Woodeez Tree Service today!

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