Woodeez Tree Service & Rochester Firewood Partnership

Woodeez Tree Service is proud to announce a partnership with Rochester Firewood, known as Rochester’s premier sustainably harvested firewood source. Rochester Firewood was established in 2014 to bring high-quality, seasoned wood to Rochester residents and surrounding areas. This partnership will continue our mission of providing expert tree services and additional offerings to our customers.

About Rochester Firewood

Rochester Firewood’s mission is to provide customers with high-quality firewood products and excellent customer service. Rochester Firewood is a trusted vendor for New York’s Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), an organization dedicated to helping low-income individuals heat their homes.The team at Rochester Firewood takes pride in their offerings, and test their products in their own homes to ensure it’s exemplary for customers.

Rochester Firewood Services

All firewood is split and fully seasoned, comprising maple, oak, hickory, beech, cherry, and locust. Whether you want a neat stack of wood for your home or want to split it yourself, Rochester Firewood has you covered.

  • 1 Face Cord: $160, delivered & dumped
  • 2 Face Cords: $140 per face cord ($280), delivered & dumped

  • 3 Face Cords: $130 per face cord ($390), delivered & dumped

  • 4-5 Face Cords: $120 per face cord ($480), delivered & dumped

  • 6 Face Cords: $110 per face cord ($660), delivered & dumped

  • 7+ Face Cords: $105 per face cord (Starting at $735), delivered & dumped

Wood stacking is available for $50 per face cord, within 20 feet of the dump location. Delivery within 20 miles of Rochester Firewood is included in face cord pricing.

Rochester Firewood: Sustainably Harvested Firewood

We’re proud to partner with Rochester Firewood to combine forces and continue to serve our customers with professional tree services and quality seasoned wood.

This partnership is collaborative but does not mean the trees we cut on your property will be split and used for your own firewood use. Rochester Firewood seasons their wood for a year before it is deemed ready to burn, meaning we can’t remove your tree and split the wood for immediate use. Several tree types in the region are not suited for burning, which is why Rochester Firewood maintains strict standards on face cords they offer.

Our work alongside Rochester Firewood will ensure the trees we remove from your property will be reused in a sustainable way, even if they’re not suitable for burning. Contact Rochester Firewood today to talk to a team member or set up a face cord delivery.

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