The 5 Best Trees to Plant in Rochester, NY

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year with flowers blooming, trees growing their leaves back, and the weather warming up in preparation for the hot days of summer. April is also Earth Month and the perfect time to consider planting new trees or shrubs in your yard. Not only does a little extra greenery help to support Mother Earth but it can also beautify and decorate your landscaping, provide privacy barriers from your neighbors, or even add value to your property.

Choosing the right tree for a specific area gives the plant the best chance of succeeding in its new home. Certain trees don’t thrive in Upstate New York’s climate or may not get enough sunlight in your yard or nutrients from your lot’s soil. Consider this list of the best trees to plant in the Greater Rochester Area.

When is the Best Time to Plant Trees in Rochester, NY?

Early spring is one of the best times to plant new trees. September or October are good times as well. It’s important to give the roots time to adjust to their new home before the ground freezes in late fall and equally important to plant a new tree before flowering trees start to bloom. Avoid planting in summer or winter; the height of summer will burn out the roots and kill the plant while the frozen ground in winter prevents the new tree from properly taking root.

The Best Front Yard Tree

For a gorgeous front yard centerpiece, the autumn blaze maple is a great choice. This tree gets its name due to its magnificent colors in the fall. In addition to its beauty, it’s also drought resistant, adapts well to the environment, and grows quickly—around two feet per year.

Autumn blaze maple (Acer freemanii) in fall

The Best Tree for Backyard Landscaping

If you want a tree for your backyard that is both beautiful and practical, consider an American chestnut tree. They grow to huge heights and produce a ton of chestnuts; a bonus if you’re a fan of that snack. These trees thrive in heat though too much water can kill them so it’s best to surround them in mulch once you plant them so the rain doesn’t drown them out.

Young American chestnut trees (Castanea dentata) with large chestnut fruits

The Best Backyard Privacy Tree

Trees can also be used for natural privacy barriers in your backyard. The arborvitae tree is a good choice for this purpose. These trees are great at blocking the view of nosy neighbors and blocking harsh winds so you can still enjoy your yard fully on windy days. Arborvitae grow quickly though aren’t exceptionally large. Lining your property with this tree is a great option.

A row of arborvitae trees (Thuja orientalis) lining a fence

The Best Small Backyard Tree

If you have limited space in your backyard, a Japanese maple may be the way to go. These trees come in a variety of stunning ornamental colors, including yellow, purple, bronze, green, and the most common bright red variety. Japanese maples also come in a variety of sizes so you have plenty of options. These trees do better in shade or partial shade and are easy to care for overall.

Bright red Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) at peak color in fall

The Best Flowering Tree

The Randy Magnolia is a cross between two different varieties of magnolia tree and part of the ‘family’ of magnolia hybrids known as the “girls”. It’s a favorite in the Rochester area for good reason; the flowers on “Randy” bloom 2-4 weeks later than the trees it originated from and avoids the flowers being damaged by spring frosts, thus lasting longer. Randy Magnolias grow slowly and do best in full sun though they can thrive even in dry soil. They’ll grow to be about 10-15 feet tall so they’re a good choice if you want something sizeable in your yard.

Magnolia ‘Randy’ (Magnolia liliiflora ‘Nigra’ x Magnolia stellata ‘Rosea’ hybrid) in bloom

Planting new trees is a great way to beautify your yard and even add value to your property. In order to grow healthy trees, regular maintenance can sometimes be required. Woodeez Tree Service is here to help when the time comes to trim an overgrown tree or take down a dead or damaged tree that becomes a hazard to your property. Give us a call or contact us today for all of your tree needs.